Milda Navickaite - Jonusauskiene

Member of the Artists Union of Lithuania.

Born on April 13, 1940 in the town of Seduva (Lithuania).
Graduated from the art studio at the School of Applied Arts in the town of Telsiai and at Vilnius Academy of Arts. For a couple of years as a lecturer she shared her knowledge and professional skills with the students of the School of Applied Arts in the town of Telsiai.

In 2002 was included to the international catalogue The International Who’s Who of Women.
In 2004 became the most-sold Lithuanian artist.

Her works are often purchased by the President’s of Lithuania Office, as well as private galleries and collectors from Lithuania, Russia, Poland, USA, Israel, Japan, France, Sweden and other countries.

Milda’s paintings are like a touch of silk, lightly stirring the very depth of feeling...